Wednesday, October 8, 2014

MARTE Contemporary

Exhibition "10" at MARTE Contemporary (Museo de Arte de El Salvador), 2014
Photo's courtesy of Walterio Iraheta.

These are some installation images of my piece at MARTE Contemporary. It's documentation of my ongoing site specific intervention shown at Hionas Gallery from 2012. I wish I could have done the actual piece in El Salvador but acquiring a low rider is a lot more difficult. It's a great exhibition organized by Chief curator Claire Breukel, programs manager Lucas Arevalo, with support from Mario Cader-Frech. 

The exhibition includes work by: Ronald Morán, Simón Vega, Walterio Iraheta, Mayra Barraza, Irvin Morazan, Danny Zavaleta, Luis Paredes, Rafael Díaz, Ernesto Bautista, "Crack" Rodriguez, Mauricio Kabistán, Beatriz Cortez, Patricia Domínguez, Mauricio Esquivel, Eduardo Navas, Natalia Dominguez, Alexia Mirando, Abigail Reyes, and Melissa Guevara.