Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Kase Painting

Studio Notes: 5/26

Almost finished with this new Kase Painting in the studio. Color inspired by an old industrial site that I see each day while commuting to work. The painting is a perfect fit for the reclaim wood L-frame. Originally I had thought of making a black or dark grey painting for this frame to match the black manufactures mark on the plywood. Decided to go with the Lt blue first and figured if it didn't work it'd be easier to lay on the black/Grey then the other way around. The painting has three layers of color. The original ground color was brown with a warm white graffiti tag which I then removed with graffiti remover. The trace tag then got an additional layer of off white over coat before applying the final Lt Blue color. Just need some additional collaged on paint marks which often take a while but for the most part this painting is pretty much done.