Friday, January 13, 2017

In the studio for 2017

Studio Views - KASE Paintings

I've been cooking up new work for the last year experimenting with new materials and techniques. A new body of work separate from my hard edge paintings of the last few years but along similar lines. A totally different process as a means or approach to abstract painting. Unlike my hard edge paintings that are made on stretched canvas over wood panel, these new pieces are straight up stretched canvas. The application of paint is done in a combination of color washes and graffiti marks that are then completely removed using graffiti remover with additional paint colors layer on top. 

The removal of the paint is aggressive so at times I end up with traces of the strainer visible on the surface from the pressure on the canvas. I also add spots of paint spatter and or collage bits of paint skins onto the surface. Each piece has it's own custom frame that function as an additional contextualizing element separate to the function of a traditional frame which is meant to aethetisize a work of art. The frames are raw wood with visible holes and or wood patches, rubbed with floor wax or stained with graffiti Krink ink, spray primers, car  bondo, etc. 

It's taken a while to figure this work out conceptually but now I'm at the stage that I feel confortable with where it's headed. It's all steam ahead for 2017, I'm excited!